Marcie Klevens, MA, LMHC

About me:

I have long been fascinated with the study of consciousness.  Having experienced paranormal activity in my past, I realized that people are ultimately spiritual beings in physical bodies, and our consciousness has more than one level.  This new realization began my quest for greater understanding and knowledge.  My need to understand consciousness led me to the study of ancient history, quantum physics, mystical experiences, meditation, shamanic initiation, near-death and out-of body experiences, just to name a few. This quest for knowledge has spanned over 20 years and that’s why I have a very psycho-educational approach with my clients. Empowerment is what you achieve once you are able to walk out of the forest to see the bigger picture.  I see my role as your guide and collaborative partner on your journey to wellness and authenticity.

My Approach to Therapy:

My therapeutic approach is a combination of systems theory, transpersonal and humanistic psychology.  System’s training allows me to keep your entire support network in full view, enabling me to give valuable backing and insight into your relationships.  Transpersonal psychology combines a variety of approaches, including behaviorism, cognitive psychology and humanistic psychology, along with other disciplines, including Eastern and Western philosophy, mysticism and mindfulness.  As a humanistic therapist I believe people are inherently good, self-directed, and always striving toward increased autonomy and connection.  I will help you to develop a connection between your conscious and unconscious, which allows you to obtain a deeper understanding of yourself.  The unconscious part of our being holds the domain of our spirituality and is the mystery of the human being.  I believe our spirituality offers the keys to unlock many doors to our wholeness, as well as our sanity.

Spiritual Emergency Training:

Many years ago I experienced a spiritual emergency when I began to have an energetic opening caused by a kundalini awakening that I wasn't prepared for and it scared me because I didn't understand what was happening.  This awakening was a truly transforming experience once I realized what was occurring.  The experience of trauma can also be the catalyst that leads people to develop special awareness and perceptions that may seem to reside outside of our five senses.  These experiences of non-ordinary states of consciousness can sometimes lead us to open up energetically in ways that can be traumatic with little or no understanding of what is happening.  These experiences can lead to what is called a spiritual emergence or emergency, if it becomes a crisis.  This opening can be extremely intrusive at times, making normal functioning difficult.  The "Spiritual Emergency" training I’ve received has taught me many ways to assist someone who is going through a spiritual transformation. Together, we will discover the gifts these types of openings can bring.

Holistic Form of Treatment for Schizophrenia:

My study of consciousness has also given me a unique perspective when I am working with clients experiencing psychosis. Through my research, I discovered the "Hearing Voices Movement" (HVM), which has taken off in the UK. This humanistic approach left people feeling empowered and able to eventually take a more dominant role with their voices, set boundaries, sometimes completely changing the relationship they had with the voices to something more supportive and constructive. Through my training and working with these techniques, I have seen first hand the lives of voice hearing clients transforming and becoming more harmonious and full.  

One of my greatest joys is to watch my client’s face light up when he or she realizes how strong and steady they truly are in their own internal knowing.  It’s time to take your power back and realize that you can change your life’s direction, right now.

Academic Credentials, Training and Speaking Engagements:

  • MA, Clinical Psychology, Saybrook University (LIOS)
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy Training, Wellness Institute
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) training with Barbara Parratt, MS, RN, CNS - EMDR Institute Senior Trainer in compliance with EMDRIA Standards
  • Delivered a Presentation on "Moving From Fear to Empowerment Through a Lifetime of Paranormal Experience" at the 2018 North American, International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS) Conference
  • Delivered a Presentation on an "Outside of the Box Perspective on Working with Schizophrenia" at the Active Minds Conference at the University of Washington
  • Hearing Voices Facilitator Training, Portland Hearing Voices
  • Grounding & Embodiment in Spiritual Emergency, Integrative Mental Health University
  • How to Effectively Help Someone in Spiritual Emergency, Integrative Mental Health University
  • Sound Mental Health of Bellevue, Washington, Intern Clinician
  • Landmark Forum and Advanced Training, Landmark
  • Studied Meditation with Joy Gilbert, a former student of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
  • BS, Colorado State University